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Garnet Bead Rings

Garnet Bead Rings

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Garnet rings are a popular choice for jewelry due to their beauty and durability. Here are some properties of garnet rings:

  1. Brilliance: Garnet has a high refractive index, which means that it can reflect a lot of light and produce a bright, sparkling effect.

  2. Clarity: Garnet is typically free of inclusions or blemishes, which makes it a good choice for rings that require a high level of clarity.

  3. Heat sensitivity: Garnet can be damaged by high temperatures, so it should not be exposed to extreme heat or sudden temperature changes.

  4. Spiritual properties: Garnet is said to have a variety of spiritual properties, including promoting love and passion, enhancing creativity and self-expression, and providing protection and grounding. Some people believe that wearing a garnet ring can help balance the energy in the body and promote overall wellbeing.

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