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Calcite Cabochons in India - Aeora Rocks

Calcite Cabochons in India - Aeora Rocks

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Calcite is a widely distributed mineral known for its varied colors and forms, ranging from clear to a variety of hues such as white, yellow, orange, green, and blue.

Healing Properties:

Energy Amplification: Calcite is believed to amplify energy and thought, increasing the power of other stones and enhancing personal energy.

Cleansing and Purification: Thought to cleanse and purify energy fields, calcite can clear negative energy and promote a clean, positive environment.

Emotional Healing: Associated with balancing emotions and reducing stress, anxiety, and fear, calcite is used to promote emotional stability and calm.

Enhanced Learning and Memory: Some believe calcite enhances learning abilities, memory, and mental clarity, making it beneficial for students and those involved in intellectual work.

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