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Faceted Clear Quartz Bead Bracelet in India - Aeora Rocks

Faceted Clear Quartz Bead Bracelet in India - Aeora Rocks

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Faceted crystal bead bracelets are popular choices for jewellery, and are believed to have healing properties due to the properties of the crystal they are made from. Here are some of the healing properties associated with faceted crystal bead bracelets:

1. Clarity: Crystal is believed to promote mental clarity and focus, helping to clear the mind of negative thoughts and distractions.

2. Energy: Crystal is thought to help balance and restore energy to the body, improving overall well-being and vitality.

3. Healing: Crystal is said to have a variety of healing properties and can help with a range of physical and emotional ailments, including headaches, anxiety, and insomnia.

4. Intuition: Crystal is believed to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, making it a popular choice for spiritual and healing practices.

5. Spiritual growth: Crystal is thought to promote spiritual growth and enlightenment, helping to align the chakras and promote a deeper connection with the universe.

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