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Himalayan Quartz 16mm Faceted Bead Bracelet

Himalayan Quartz 16mm Faceted Bead Bracelet

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Himalayan Quartz is highly regarded for its healing properties and spiritual significance. Here are some of the key healing properties associated with a Himalayan Quartz 16mm faceted bead bracelet:

Healing Properties

1. Amplification of Energy:

Himalayan Quartz is known for its ability to amplify energy. It can enhance the energy of other crystals and is often used in combination with other stones for this purpose.

2. Clarity and Focus:

This type of quartz helps in clearing mental fog, providing clarity and focus. It can aid in decision-making and improving concentration

3. Spiritual Growth:

Himalayan Quartz is believed to connect you with higher realms of consciousness, facilitating spiritual growth and enlightenment.

4. Balancing and Harmonizing:

It can help balance the body's energy, harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit. This makes it beneficial for overall well-being.

5. Healing and Purification:

This crystal is thought to have powerful healing properties, assisting in physical healing and purification. It is often used in meditation and healing practices.

6. Protection:

Himalayan Quartz is said to provide protection from negative energies and environmental pollutants. It acts as a shield against negativity.

Uses and Benefits

  1. Wearing the Bracelet :  Wearing a Himalayan Quartz bracelet can keep the crystal's energy close to your body, providing continuous benefits throughout the day.
  2. Meditation Aid:  It can be used as a meditation aid to enhance spiritual practices, bringing a deeper state of meditation and inner peace. 
  3. Energy Work:  This crystal is often used in energy work, such as Reiki, to enhance the healing process and clear blockages in the energy field.
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