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Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone in India - Aeora Rocks

Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone in India - Aeora Rocks

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Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue stone with gold flecks that has been highly valued for its healing properties for centuries. Here are some of the healing properties associated with Lapis Lazuli:

  1. Inner Wisdom and Truth: Lapis Lazuli is believed to help bring clarity and inner wisdom, allowing you to access your intuition and find your true purpose.

  2. Communication and Expression: This stone is also said to enhance communication and self-expression, allowing for clear and honest communication.

  3. Emotional Healing: Lapis Lazuli is believed to have a calming energy that can help reduce stress and anxiety, promoting emotional healing.

  4. Spiritual Connection: It is also said to help enhance spiritual connection and facilitate a deeper connection with the divine.

  5. Physical Healing: Lapis Lazuli is believed to have healing properties for the respiratory system, nervous system, and the immune system.

Unlock your inner wisdom and find clarity with the calming and healing properties of Lapis Lazuli - order now and enhance your spiritual connection while promoting emotional and physical healing!

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