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Selenite Moon Charging Plate

Selenite Moon Charging Plate

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Selenite is a type of crystal that is believed to have many healing properties, including the ability to clear negative energy, promote mental clarity, and enhance spiritual awareness. When shaped into a moon charging plate, selenite can be particularly effective in harnessing these properties.

Here are some of the specific healing properties associated with selenite moon charging plates:

1. Cleansing and charging: Selenite is known for its ability to cleanse and charge other crystals and objects. Placing your crystals or other spiritual items on a selenite moon charging plate can help to cleanse and charge their energy, leaving them refreshed and revitalized.

2. Enhancing intuition: The moon is often associated with intuition and psychic abilities, and the selenite moon charging plate can help to enhance these qualities. Placing the plate on your meditation space or using it to hold crystals or other spiritual items may help you to connect with your intuition and deepen your spiritual practice.

3. Promoting calmness: Selenite is also said to promote calmness and inner peace. Placing the moon charging plate in your bedroom or on your nightstand may help to create a peaceful and calming environment, promoting restful sleep and reducing stress and anxiety.

4. Enhancing creativity: The moon is also associated with creativity and inspiration, and using the selenite moon charging plate may help to enhance your own creativity and inspiration. Placing the plate on your desk while you work or using it in your creative space may help to stimulate new ideas and promote productivity.

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