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Selenite Heart

Selenite Heart

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Selenite is a crystal with powerful healing properties that can be used for emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. When selenite is carved into the shape of a heart, it can enhance the energy of the crystal, as well as add the loving and compassionate energy of the heart shape. Here are some of the healing properties associated with selenite heart:

1. Emotional healing: Selenite is known to have a calming and soothing effect on the emotions. The heart shape of selenite can help to amplify the energy of love and compassion, making it a powerful tool for emotional healing.

2. Mental clarity: Selenite is believed to promote mental clarity and enhance mental awareness. When used as a heart shape, selenite can help to clear the mind and improve focus.

3. Spiritual growth: Selenite is a crystal that is often used to promote spiritual growth and development. When used as a heart shape, selenite can help to open up the third eye chakra and promote spiritual awareness.

4. Protection: Selenite is believed to have a protective energy that can shield the user from negative energy. When used as a heart shape, selenite can help to create a protective energy field around the user.

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