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Tiger Eye Pendulum

Tiger Eye Pendulum

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A tiger's eye pendulum is a type of divination tool used to gain insights and answers to questions. Here's how to use a tiger's eye pendulum

1. First, hold the pendulum in your dominant hand. The pendulum should be hanging straight down.

2. Next, center your mind and focus on your intention or the question you want to ask.

3. Hold the pendulum steady and ask a yes or no question out loud or in your mind.

4. Wait for the pendulum to start moving. It may swing back and forth, side to side, or in a circular motion.

5. Interpret the movement of the pendulum. Usually, a back-and-forth motion means "yes," while a side-to-side motion means "no." A circular motion may indicate uncertainty or that the answer is unclear.

6. Repeat this process for each question or intention you have.

Tiger's Eye is a gemstone that is typically golden brown in color with bands of darker brown stripes. It is a popular stone in jewelry making and is also used in various spiritual practices. Tiger's Eye is believed to provide protection, promote courage and confidence, and increase one's intuition and insight. It is also thought to help with emotional balance and mental clarity. Tiger's Eye is often used as a tool for divination, particularly in the form of a pendulum, where it can provide yes or no answers to questions.

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