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Yellow Jasper Worry Stone

Yellow Jasper Worry Stone

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Yellow Jasper is a beautiful golden-colored stone that is believed to have a range of healing properties, including:

  1. Protection: Yellow Jasper is said to offer protection against negative energies and electromagnetic radiation.

  2. Nurturing: It is thought that Yellow Jasper can provide a sense of nurturing and support, promoting feelings of comfort and security.

  3. Emotional healing: Yellow Jasper is believed to help release negative emotions and promote emotional healing and stability.

  4. Energy boosting: Yellow Jasper is said to have an energizing effect on the body, promoting vitality and endurance.

  5. Digestive health: Yellow Jasper is thought to promote digestive health and relieve digestive issues, such as bloating and constipation.


"Experience the nurturing and energizing properties of Yellow Jasper, and promote emotional healing, protection, and digestive health with our beautiful golden crystals."

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