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Rose Quartz Cabochons in India - Aeora Rocks

Rose Quartz Cabochons in India - Aeora Rocks

नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 170.00 INR
नियमित रूप से मूल्य विक्रय कीमत Rs. 170.00 INR
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टैक्स शामिल। शिपिंग की गणना चेकआउट पर की जाती है।

Rose quartz is a popular and revered crystal known for its gentle pink hue and powerful healing properties. It is often called the "Stone of Unconditional Love" and is associated with various emotional, and spiritual benefits. Here are some of the primary healing properties attributed to rose quartz:

Emotional Healing

  1. Love and Compassion: Rose quartz is believed to open the heart chakra, promoting love, compassion, and empathy. It encourages self-love and acceptance.
  2. Emotional Balance: It helps to heal emotional wounds and traumas, bringing about a sense of inner peace and emotional balance.
  3. Stress Relief: The calming energy of rose quartz can help reduce stress, tension, and anxiety, fostering a sense of tranquility.

Spiritual Healing

  1. Chakra Healing: Rose quartz is linked to the heart chakra, helping to balance and cleanse this energy center, enhancing emotional well-being and spiritual growth.
  2. Positive Energy: It is believed to attract positive energy, dispelling negativity and replacing it with loving vibes.
  3. Spiritual Growth: Rose quartz can aid in spiritual development by encouraging forgiveness, understanding, and deeper connections with oneself and others.
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